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Digital Trend: Wearable Technology

Were entering two areas that I love with this this digital trend: fashion and fitness. Wearable technology, sometimes referred to as 27/4 wearables, implies digital devices that you, well, wear. This trend was kicked off this year by Nike with their Nike + FuelBand exercise monitor, which calculates how much one runs, walks, skips, jumps, or does pretty much any other activity while wearing the wristband. I can hear you saying: “Nothing new dude, blog about something I don’t know,” so let me finish. Wearable devices are predicted to expand well beyond the sports arena in 2012, and well beyond Nike+ technology. 

The Fjordnet digital agency in London says that: “Wearable devices will help bring a broader understanding to our daily lives and wellness. These are no longer sports monitors, but life monitors, observing us 24/7. They will be open and connected, always-on, and they will dominate a new service domain”.

Whats super interesting about wearable technology is that the mobile phone will probably become the hub for transmitting and analyzing data from the device to the user. This makes the mobile phone even more important to us, as it now becomes a device that records not only our lives (social media) but also our health. I look forward to working more on our Brunet MaSanté initiative at Publicis, where were currently exploring the opportunities of using mobile to manage prescriptions and general health information.

Here are some examples:

Google’s Project Glass eyewear concept that allows users to take photos with their eyes


Posture sensing shirt


Sterilized, wearable computer patch to monitor patients’ health


 A glove thats a phone


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